Inside Staff

Are you looking for qualified inside staff resources to supplement your current staffing models?  Brush Country Claims inside claims experts have many years of experience in all lines of the Insurance Claims business that allow you the confidence to seamlessly integrate additional resources within your current business models to increase your efficiencies and throughput of claims processing without the dreaded task of interviewing and vetting of their qualifications. We have tediously scrutinized each of our Daily, Liability and Catastrophe inside staff resources to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, are well versed in their specific field of expertise and, most importantly, can easily adapt to any environment in which they are placed. These resources can either work within your department onsite or remotely, depending on your needs.
For more information, please contact:
Phone - (800) 416-1773

Inside Staff Areas of Expertise:

  • Claim File Review / Examination
  • File Auditing for Company Compliance
  • Desk Adjusting / Fast-Tracking Claims
  • First Notice of Loss / Claim Dispatch